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Solar sign lights were first created to be used by real estate companies to display reality signs at night. Real estate agents tired of dragging around electrical cords to reach signs, and frustrated with constantly having to change light bulbs, began to look for alternatives. Finding nothing available, agents made requests for something solar powered. As a result we now have the solar sign light.

Solar sign lights are designed to function in one of two ways. With the first design the light will illuminate one side of a real estate sign. The other design will illuminate both sides. Either design will discourage vandalism and lose of the light due to theft, as the solar lights are equipped with features that enable them to be affixed directly to the sign. The light's beam can be adjusted to shine where the light is needed to increase the sign's visibility. This will also effectively draw attention to the sign.

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Solar Sign LightsSolar sign lights are equipped with a photocell detector. The photocell detector produces an electrical current when it is exposed to light. This current in turn activates the LED illuminating the sign. Some units feature a manual on/off switch allowing the user to bypass the photocell, leaving the sign in the dark should the light become a problem for the neighborhood. During daylight hours the unit's solar cell absorbs sunlight, recharging the batteries for night time use. As long as the unit has access to sunlight during the day this process will continue. The rechargeable battery has improved over time making the self sufficiency of the solar powered light a reality.

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High quality solar sign lights are capable of proving adequate lighting throughout the night, every night. The brilliant light of a Solar powered unit is produced by Led Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The life span of a small iridescent light bulb is frustratingly short. The LED can operate between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, while consuming minimal energy. These features all make LEDs very effective for use in solar lighting, and have helped to advance its technology. Solar sign lights utilizing anywhere between 2 to 100 LEDs are available for purchase. The greater the number of LEDs the greater the density of light. A light with this kind of density might be used for a billboard advertisement. More info on solar flood lights

One of the greatest advantages of using solar power lights is that it eliminates the need for electrical cords and the costs of electricity. Since energy is provided solely by the sun, the solar sign light is portable and sufficient. Because it is dependent on the sun, the solar powered unit's panels must be located in direct sunlight during daylight hours in order to recharge its batteries. And because the sun's rays must be absorbed by the panels they must be kept clear of dust and other pollutants.

By attracting attention to real estate signs with solar sign lights at night, more prospective homeowners will become aware of available real estate. The real estate agent who makes use of this marketing tool will have the definite advantage over those who don't. And the homeowner who is depending on the Realtor to sell his home will appreciate the extra effort. Solar powered sign lights began their existence in lending aid to real estate agencies, and they will continue to give aid to the Realtor of today.

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