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Adding a solar security light to the exterior of your home is an effective and inexpensive way to increase the security of your property. There is no greater deterrent for the prowler hoping to hide in the shadows around your home, than to find himself suddenly exposed by a blinding light! In addition to being a deterrent, the solar light is also a convenient way to walk around your property at night knowing that the lights will automatically come on to light your way. Friends and family will also appreciate being greeted by your warm and inviting light.

Setting up a solar security light is simple. First, chose a location that will be out of reach to mount the light, and position the motion detector for the needed coverage. The average radius for a motion detector is 180 degrees. Then adjust the detector's level of sensitivity so that it will not be set off by pets, birds or other small animals. Many solar lights also allow you to make adjustments to the light's timing.

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Solar Security LightOne of the most useful features of the solar security light is that its compact solar panel can be set up in a separate location from the security light. The two components remain connected, but the cable between them is long enough to allow for flexibility in positioning. It is often necessary to set up the solar panel in a separate location to be certain it will receive adequate sunlight throughout the day. The panel is designed to receive and absorb sunlight, in order to utilize the sun's energy to recharge its battery. To be sure that the battery of your new solar security light is fully charged, allow it to charge between twenty-four to forty-eight hours before using it. The batteries most commonly used for these solar lights are 6 volts, 4 amperes batteries or 6 volts, 6 amperes batteries. When they are used properly, they can last up to two years.

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Because solar powered lights are provided with halogen bulbs, or with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) they are brighter than an average light fixture. LEDs use very small amounts of energy so they have a much longer life span than an incandescent bulb. Today's solar technology has produced the Ultra Bright LED and the Extra Bright LED. These are now available for a wide variety of solar lighting uses. For those interested in a creative alternative to bright white, LEDs come in different colors.

For the individual who plans to keep their solar security light on throughout the night, a solar spotlight, or solar flagpole light are great options. These lights are equipped with a photocell designed to automatically come on after dark and go off when the sun comes up.

Whether you choose a security light designed to stay on all night, or one equipped with a motion detector, you will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from using one of the most cost effective, reliable, and convenient ways to add security to your home. More info on solar motion sensor lights

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