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Solar Lights for Flag Poles - Combining the technologies of solar power and the LED

Whether solar lights for flag poles are created to be stationed on the ground, fastened to the flagpole or mounted on a wall, they all utilize the same technology. The system of today's solar powered lights are made up of the solar panel, rechargeable batteries, Led Emitting Diodes (LEDs), and an electronic circuit with a photocell detector. The photocell detector is designed to activate the LED circuit, automatically turning the light on at night and off during the day. These combined components make it possible to effectively, and conveniently, illuminate flagpoles, signs and billboards.

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On a sunny day solar panels capture the incoming rays of the sun as energy. The energy is then converted to direct current (DC) power adequate for recharging the unit's batteries. This process continues throughout the day, storing energy for the following night.

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Solar Lights for Flag PolesSolar lights for flag poles meant to be fastened to the flagpole, have panels directly attached to the light and can be repositioned to most effectively capture sunlight. For wall mounted units or those that sit on the ground, the system is constructed with detachable panels. The solar light may be located in a spot better situated to illuminate the flag, while the panels can be located in a spot that receives direct sunlight.

The brilliant LED bulbs found in solar flag pole lights used commercially are the same that are used at individual residences. The different levels of intensity are achieved by using different numbers of LEDs. Each LED is about equal to one 75 watt incandescent bulb. The lamp in a commercial unit is made up of an arrangement of around 50 LED bulbs and is capable of illuminating a 30 foot flagpole and flag. For the residential solar light attached to a much smaller flagpole, only 3 or 4 LEDs are necessary.

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Many commercial solar lights for flag poles offer the option of choosing panels with increased power capacities. A greater capacity for power does not mean an increase in the intensity of the lighting, but it does mean the batteries will charge more quickly. These panels make it possible to use solar lights on short overcast winter days. Winter months can also make any type of maintenance difficult. But, since LED lights are capable of lasting over 100,000 hours, it's possible that you may never have to replace them. Batteries can last up to two years. And The simplicity of the solar unit makes repairs virtually unnecessary. The only task that remains is that of occasionally cleaning the solar panels. Keeping the panels clean allows them to function at their optimum capacity. Light is better able to pass through the panels in order to fully recharge the batteries. Not much work is required to maintain solar powered flagpole lights.

Because the quality of solar lights for flag poles has increased from combining the technologies of solar panels and LED lights, you'll be able to enjoy all these benefits when you use solar lighting to illuminate your flag.

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