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Solar Flood Lights – Offering versatility in commercial and personal lighting

The use of solar flood lights add an important element of security to personal or commercial property. A solar light's brilliance will expose everything in the immediate area, discouraging intruders and any other unusual activity. As an accent light a solar flood light can fully illuminate an entire garden or business entranceway with bright comforting light.

Businesses and organizations who use billboards to display advertisements or information are benefiting from the all the advantages offered by solar powered lighting. Advancing solar technology is proving more and more practical applications for the use of solar energy. Individuals and industries are utilizing the variety of products that are becoming available. Statues and monuments are being illuminated with solar flood lights and public facilities are using solar flagpole lights.

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Solar Flood LightsSolar flood lights offer a wide range of possible uses for lighting. They provide solutions for most outdoor lighting needs, and for many indoor needs as well. As long as the separate solar panel is in a position to be able to receive sunlight throughout the day, the light itself can be placed almost anywhere.

Once the solar flood light has been set up and the light's focus is determined, there is nothing more that needs to be done. A small device in the solar unit called a photocell designed to respond to the amount of light that enters it, activates the on/off switch. When enough sunlight reaches the photocell the light is turned off. Without enough light, it will automatically come back on. The motion sensor with a security light serves a different purpose. It senses movement and activates the light exposing and discouraging undesirable activity.

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The light source in solar power lighting is often provided by a halogen bulb or by Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs. LEDs require very little power and will most likely never need to be replaced. A one hundred bulb array of tiny LEDs is sufficient for a powerful flood light lasting for years without the cost of the utility bill.

Power is supplied to solar flood lights by a solar panel. The panel needs to be positioned in a location that provides full sunlight. As a result the panel is designed as a separate component from the light, making it possible for the light and the panel be in different locations. The solar panel converts the sun's energy to Direct Current (DC) power recharging the battery for use after dark. 6 or 12 volt batteries are the most commonly used battery for the flood light and when they are completely charged they will provide enough power for the light for the entire night. These batteries usually last between two to three years.

Because flood lights require more energy to operate than standard lighting, solar energy is an excellent alternative when a large amount of lighting is needed. Solar flood lights can be safely installed in a matter of minutes, without hiring an electrician, obtaining permits, waiting for delayed inspections, or digging trenches.

Solar flood lights have become more sophisticated over the years. They promise precision performance for the professional business man or woman, and endless creative possibilities for the individual home owner.

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