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Imagine your solar motion sensor lights coming on as you pull into your driveway late at night. As You leave your vehicle and start up your walkway, each light you've positioned along the way comes on to greet you. Finally, as you approach your entrance way, the fixture over head sheds its light while you sort through your keys and open your front door. Security lights with motion detectors are designed to offer safety by illuminating dark areas, but they also offer an attractive way to light any area that you'd like to illuminate only when necessary. Since they are solar powered you'll be saving money by not adding to your electric bill. And by frugally using power only when the light senses activity, it conserves its own bulb and battery usage.

The versatility of solar lights doesn't end there. Some manufacturers offer solar security lights equipped with alarms designed to sound in addition to triggering the lights. These products give you the option of setting the devices to sound the alarms or setting them for the lights alone.

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Motion Sensor LightsSince motion sensor lights are designed to house highly brilliant bulbs, they are capable of providing enough light coverage for any surrounding area of your choice. The light's infrared motion detector can sense the temperature of living creatures, and the passive infrared sensor can detect any activity at an average of 50 feet 15 meters) away. Levels of sensitivity can be adjusted so that small animals and birds will not trigger the light's sensors.

Halogen bulbs are still used frequently in solar motion sensor lights, but a shift is being made to the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). An LED is a more effective bulb for security lights because it shines more brilliantly without consuming as much energy, giving it a longer lifespan. You may never need to replace this bulb! And the more brilliant LED is a more effective deterrent in dark areas, because it has a broader range of illumination.

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Without the need for electric cables solar motion lights can be installed on any surface in any location as long as the solar panel is positioned to receive sunlight. The solar panel can be separated from the light itself. As a result the light can be placed in the spot that is in need of lighting, and the solar panel can be placed where it will be exposed to the sun. During the daylight the solar panel absorbs energy from the sun sending it to the light's unit where the batteries are recharged.

Perhaps you need your security light to come on after the sun goes down and remain on until sunrise. A solar flagpole light or a solar spotlight with a device that automatically turns the light on and off, would be the perfect solution. Because these lights are also solar powered they will save you the money that you'd be spending on electricity and electric instillation.

Whatever your needs, you will benefit from all that solar power lighting has to offer. For convenience and security, motion sensor lights will produce a brilliant, cost effective, long lasting light. Whether you are just coming home to your well lit entrance or are safely inside for the night feeling secure with the added protection, you will appreciate the savings.

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