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With a solar flag pole light you'll be able to proudly display your colors both day and night without lifting a finger to flip a switch. Consequently, you'll no longer need to take down your flag at the close of the day. This solar powered spotlight is made to automatically illuminate the flagpole in any environment, from an official building site to your personal real estate. It is simple, effective, convenient, and affordable.

US Code dictates that it is universal convention to raise the flag after the sun rises, and lower it before the sun sets. There is an exception made for the flag that is properly illuminated at night. This flag can be flown if it is clearly visible and recognizable. Most countries around the world also share this practice with respect to displaying their standards.

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Solar Flag Pole LightTapping in to solar energy means no longer having to depend on electricity. A remote location without access to electricity is no problem for the solar flag pole light. Because there is no need for electricity, this allows you to remain off grid. You'll be able to do without electrical lines, the electrician and, best of all, the electric bill. Once you've purchased and installed the solar powered light, you'll pay nothing for its use, and do nothing to operate it.

The two most common solar flagpole layouts are designed to either attach to the flagpole itself or to rest on the ground near the pole. Constructed with brackets, the first model can be fastened to the desired location on the flagpole for optimal illumination. A variation of this model can be fixed to a nearby structure such as a post or a wall. The second model is designed to be stationed on the ground, spotlighting the flag from below.

The first step in choosing a solar flag pole light is to determine your need. There are various solar powered model specifications in order to meet different demands. They can range from highly brilliant, heavily constructed commercial lights, to smaller lights created for personal use. Commercial grade lights are designed to be reliable in public locations such as factories, official buildings, cemeteries, and memorial sites. Residential solar lights are not as powerful, but are just as reliable and are perfect for that flagpole in your entrance way or backyard. The reliability of these lights is due to advances in today's solar technology. Led Emitting Diodes, otherwise know as LEDs have an exceptional life span and will provide adequate lighting for your flag while consuming very little energy. They are far superior to the incandescent bulb resulting in a broad variety of low-maintenance solar products. Because of their qualities LEDs are widely used in today's field of solar powered lighting.

The solar flag pole light does not need to be limited to illuminating your flagpole. Due to their brilliancy, LEDs offer versatility in solar powered lighting. They make it possible to use your flagpole light as solar spot lights, solar accent lights, solar sign lights, and solar security lights. With all of its potential the solar powered flagpole light would be an excellent investment. More info on solar lights for flag poles

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